Balsam Hollow
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You must have arrived at this web site by accident. It is just a practice site for a retired school teacher and his wife (Dave and Sarah), who donít have much to do. In the summer we both dabble at building and maintaining a nine-hole golf course in the wilds of New Hampshire. In Florida in the winter Sarah enjoys doing cross word puzzles, knitting, quilting and basket-making. Dave pretends to teach a course on How to Build a Personal Web Site, at a local Learning Institute for seniors, and we both dabble at playing lousy golf with good friends.

           At the top of this web page are a bunch of links directing you to a variety of web pages, some pertaining to the golf course we have created and other pages displaying photos of some folks we enjoy being with. If you are curious and/or bored, and have the time, click on as many of the links as you want. The theme colors for the Web Site and the Golf Course are Green and Yellow, a holdover from the days of collecting too many pieces of John Deere equipment.

If you only have a dial-up connection to the Internet, this web site will be very, very slow loading. You may want to go to

Free - Play as many holes as you wish!


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