Balsam Hollow

Viewing the HTML Code

This option is for those individuals that would like to view the HTML code as part of a web site course or just general curiosity. Some of these pages were developed from scratch by the author, after learning some basic HTML/CSS/Javascript code. Other parts of it were borrowed or mimicked from other web sites or web site tutorials on the Internet. You can view the code for each page that you are displaying by clicking on the View menu and clicking on the Source option. If you find something of interest in the code, you can copy and paste it into a text document on your own computer and modify it to suit your own interests.      [Click on Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Notepad ]

     Topics of interest in the web site code include the following:

A Timed Slide Show

A Step-Thru Slide Show

An Email and Fill-in Form Page

A Drop Down Menu

Clicking on photo images to see an enlarged photo (Image Mapping)

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